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classique pour femme | adnan siddiqui

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Size 100ml Fragrance Category Floral, Musky, Woody Care Instructions Proper storage of perfume is essential to maintain its quality and ensure a longer shelf life. Here are some tips on how to store perfume: Keep it in a Cool and Dark Place: Perfume is sensitive to light and temperature. Exposure to light and heat can alter its composition and fragrance. Store your perfume in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme temperatures can also affect the chemical composition of the perfume. Avoid storing it in places where temperatures fluctuate dramatically, such as near windows or heaters. Keep the Bottle Sealed: Ensure that the bottle is tightly sealed when not in use. Exposure to air can cause the fragrance to deteriorate over time. Use the Original Packaging: If possible, store the perfume in its original box. The packaging is designed to protect the fragrance from external factors that could affect its quality. Avoid Humidity: Humidity can degrade the quality of perfume. Keep it away from humid environments, such as bathrooms. As for the shelf life of Eau de Parfum (EDP), it generally lasts longer than lighter concentrations such as Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Cologne. However, the shelf life can vary depending on several factors, including the specific ingredients used, the quality of the perfume, and how it's stored. In general, a well-stored EDP can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years or even longer. Over time, the fragrance may undergo subtle changes, but it should remain usable. To maximize the shelf life of your perfume, follow the storage tips mentioned above.

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